Experience in the fast lane.

IES's history goes back to the 1980s when today's partner company F. Esletzbichler Straßenausrüstung e.U. was engaged in installing new infrastructure during road construction. The increasing demand for professional process management made the need for a company specialised in managing repairs ever greater

And so IES was founded. Since then our core business has been offering the perfect damage management services for all types of damaged infrastructure on autobahns and roads. In 2015 alone we handled more than 1,700 incidences of damage caused by accidents on behalf of autobahn and road operators. That's 80% of the entire market.

  • 36
    Years experience
  • 1.700
  • 80%
    Market share in Austria

Our success lies in teamwork

Partnerships are taken very seriously at IES on every level: both externally with our partners, and even more so internally – with our employees and experts. It’s only thanks to our team’s efficiency and experience that we can resolve damage events so quickly and cost-effectively, just as our customers deserve and road safety requires.

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Who we are

IES is trusted to manage more accidents than any other company in the world. Our business is to manage the process what an accident entails. We are focused to connect the autobahn operator and the insurance companies. The symbiosis will provide financial benefits for all parties involved.

What we stand for

Our mission is to create a better financial future for our clients.

1 - We are fiduciary to our clients

Their interests come first- always. We speak with the courage of our convictions. We say what we do and we do what we say. We have a responsibility to be the voice of the insurance and the autobahn operator, and we respect each client fairly and equally.


2 - We are passionate about our performance

We are passionate about our work and intensely focused on performing at the highest levels. Our success requires expertise on the infrastructure sector and the insurance sector. The strong connection to technical infrastructure experts and to infrastructure suppliers around Europe allows us to make this promise happen.


3 - We are one team

We know that the best solutions result from the ideas and the contributions of a diverse team of partners. Constant communication is critical to our success.


4 - We are innovators

Continuous innovation plus expertise helps us bring the best of IES to our clients. Innovation requires us to be respectfully anti-bureaucratic, to challenge the status quo and not be afraid of failure. We are proud of our long history of innovations, and the history of introducing new and innovative approaches across our entire business has been the foundation of our success.